14 Days of Valentines.

My first Valentine’s Day with my husband was when we were engaged. We met at the end of July, were engaged in December, and married the following October. It was a whirlwind! From September to May, he lived in Saginaw, and I was down here in the Detroit area. It was about a ninety minute drive to see each other, and I wanted to make Valentine’s Day really special, so I put together a packet of 14 valentines and tied them up with ribbon and mailed them to him so he’d have something to open each day starting with February 1.

I was younger then, and very in love, and I think each one probably said something like, “I can’t wait to marry you, baby! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo” :)

I’ve done this for him most years since then. I did miss one or two – that happens once you have a baby, things get crazy for a while.

This year I changed it up a little bit. I made simple folded cards with scrapbook paper, and glued a heart on each one. I wrote either an attribute that I love about Darryl, like his kindness, or tender heartedness, or I wrote down a memory that I have of us from the beginning of our relationship.

give your sweetheart 14 days of valentines this year!


I bundled them all up with a little twine and presented them to him on February 1, so he has a whole stack of cards to open for the next two weeks!
It’s just a little something to remind him of how much I love him! Do you all make valentines for your loved ones?



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    This is such a sweet/neat idea! I did something similar last year — I made a pocket card for my hubby and included 10 things I love about him — like the idea of one a day too – maybe I’ll have to do that next year!

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    aww what a sweet, sweet, valentine’s day gift. i need to think of something very thoughful to make too, those are my hubby’s favorite kinds of gifts. actually i think my first valentine’s day gift to him is still his fave gift & it was something somewhat similar to this.

    p.s. joel and i were also engaged on valentine’s day!

    p.p.s. your dating/engaged timeline sounds very similar to my engaged sister! they met in may, got engaged in november and are getting married next october!! love happens fast for some people!

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    that is a great idea! I’ve been wanting to come up with some Valentine’s traditions to get my kids involved. Cute!

    By the way, I am hosting a giveaway right now that you might be interested in!

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    we knew we were going to marry each other on January 10th but didn’t actually get engaged until Valentine’s Day. We were married that June! That was 26 years ago. I love this idea and will be doing this, this year. Thank you!


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