Melted Crayon Valentine’s Day Banner.

We did a little crafting for Valentine’s Day here this week, and I thought I would share our little project today.

I love valentine crafts…maybe it’s all the red and pink, and the hearts, and the doilies, I don’t know. I just know that after our January birthdays are over, we bust out the Valentine’s Day supplies.  And the chocolate. Valentine’s Day also increases my need for chocolate, and for baking things that are chocolate. (More on that next week…vegan chocolate treats here we come). :)

This banner is very similar to the melted crayon pennant banner I posted a while back, and while I don’t have a bunch of step my step photos this time around, you can look at that post if you need more information on each step.

Melted crayon valentine's day banner

You will need:

:: waxed paper

:: red and pink crayons

:: a crayon sharpener or something to make the crayon shavings

:: an iron

:: scissors

:: baker’s twine

:: paper punch

1.Peel the paper off of the crayons and sharpen them until you have a nice little pile of red and pink. Keep the piles separate.

2. Turn the iron on to a low heat setting. I had mine set between 1 and 2. Lay a towel down, and place one sheet of waxed paper on it. Take the red shavings and spread them out over the paper. Cover with another sheet of waxed paper, and then lay another towel or rag on top of it. The towels may get some wax on them, so you may want to use older ones.

3. Press the iron down, and hold for a couple of seconds before moving to the next area. It does not take long for the crayon shavings to melt, so press and hold, and repeat in a new spot.

4. Once all the crayons are melted, take your colorful waxed paper and set it aside to cool. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with the pink shavings.

5. Once everything is cool, draw your shapes on the waxed paper. I did three x’s, two o’s, and a couple of small hearts.  Cut out the shapes with scissors.

6. Punch holes in the shapes where you want the twine to go through. I used a small paper punch.

7. String the letters and hearts on the twine in your desired pattern, and then hang in the window! Be sure to choose a window that gets a good amount of light, because they look very pretty with the sunlight shining through them!

valentines day crayon banner


Have you been doing any valentine crafting lately?

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