Fancy Up Those Cream Puffs.

One of the treats I made for the recital this year were chocolate and sprinkle covered cream puffs.  When the recital comes around, I don’t have a ton of time to make a lot of treats from scratch, so I try to keep it super simple.  My mom helps me with some of the baking as well.  This year we had brownies, rice krispie treats, chocolate covered strawberries, lemonade punch and these little cream puffs.  I bought the cream puffs from Costco and just melted some chocolate chips and dipped the tops of them in chocolate.  Then I dipped them in colorful sprinkles (I used these rainbow nonpareils).


Then I stuck them back in the freezer to harden the chocolate up.  They were a hit!  Of course the kids love sprinkles, and they did look super festive on the refreshment table. 



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    These are SO cute Kelly! I love reminders like this that it doesn’t take hours of work or complex ingredients to make something pretty and fun! I’m totally adding this to my Party Ideas Pinboard :)

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