DIY: Felt Heart and Twine Mason Jar Vase.

I did this little craft the other day, and it was quick and easy, so I thought I’d share it here.
You will need:


:: a mason jar
:: baker’s twine
:: red felt
:: a large needle
:: glue or tape


Cut red felt into small hearts.   Thread your needle with baker’s twine, and push it through the center of the heart.


Keep stringing hearts on the twine, leaving a few inches in between them.  Then secure one end of the twine to the jar with a dot of tacky glue or a bit of clear tape.  Wind the twine around the jar and secure the loose end at the top with your glue/tape.


All done!



Pro Tip:  Want your husband to bring flowers home?  Tell him you need them for a blog post.  ;)


Happy Valentine’s Day crafting!  Love printable coming Friday.

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    When I cleaned out the jar of spaghetti sauce that we buy from Sam’s Club,and took the label off, I found that it is a mason jar. I was looking for something fun to do with it, and this would be the perfect craft for me to do with Morgan!

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    I have no patience to make this (even though it does seem simple, quick and cute!) , but then again I make things for a living. I do however, LOVE the quote in the background!

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    hi! I was going to feature you at my tasteful tuesday party, but can’t seem to save your photo…. I will leave a text link back to your blog though. Thanks for linking up… this jar is beautiful. Hope you will come back and link up again.


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